01 June, 2010

శ్రీమతి సుధామూర్తి

1st June, 2010
A note from Smt. Sudha Murthy’s narration.
I would like to share an old story. I read an interview article in Eenadu weekly about Smt. Sudha Murthy, an Indian social worker and author of several short story books. She worked for Tata group during initial days of her career. She was one of key persons in establishing Indian pioneer Infosys, “a company driven by values and powered by engineers”. Few of her books translated to other regional languages in India.
She visited Russia long ago. A Russian who saw them smiled with a polite greeting. He recognized them as Indians and poses the same question to Smt. Sudha. It was obvious because of traditional Indian dressing followed by Smt. Sudha. She was proud for the unique reorganization of our culture.
A few moments later, she observed that a newly married couple praying at the statue of soldier. With unclear thought, she requested the Russian what the couple is doing. He replied, “They are honoring soldiers who scarified their life for the country on the eve of marriage day”. She felt proud about Russian culture.
So, every custom has its own beauty. It all depends on how we accept or reject it