16 November, 2013

Interesting observations on Flipkart site

Flipkart is one of the early startup which leveraged growing Indian e-commerce business. The full potential of Indian e-commerce is yet to be seen.

Apart from business aspect, I also keep an eye on Flipkart's technical expertise. Occasionally I do see some silly bugs. Two of them here.

1. Poor search box functionality.

P.S. I have mailed about this issue to them about ten months ago with pictures. Interestingly I got reply that they are unable to reproduce it. Perhaps a nontechnical person from customer service might have replied. He instructed me to clear the cache and delete temp files. Typical or default suggestion by every CS person these days :P

Here is the way to reproduce the issue. I want to search the phrase "C++ boost". Initially I have typed "boost" in the text box ...

Now I realized that I have to type "C++" preceding "boost". I have to move the cursor to beginning of the text box to save my boost word (Command+left key or Ctrl+left key).

I want to add "C++", eventually after I type "C", the cursor goes to the end of text box. It is unlikely that we watch what we type, being confident on typing skills. See what would have happened...

This is what results looks like ... surprised what I would have typed :)

2. Recent observation

Somehow a long strip is covering some of the items on the page when I scroll it up.

Hope it is helpful to Flipkart to fix these issues. Ofcourse, they may not cause any harm.

Being a SW engineer I wish my software to be DoD compliant in every aspect.

22 July, 2013

Writing in Tulugu (తెలుగు) after long time - enjoyed writing a song from voice

I studied in Telugu (తెలుగు) medium during childhood till 10th. May be that was the reason behind reading lot of Telugu writings even today.

But what I am missing is writing in Telugu script. It is about ten years that I had written in Telugu. I thought whether my pen could move faster as it was. Alas, yes, it is. I am happy. Initially it was little troublesome, but I am used to.

I got bored of reverse engineering the server (Nginx and Ribs2) code. Thought to listen to songs. When I was playing Adda songs, lyrics of one song was very meaningful and melodic. It was written by Anatha Sriram. As usual, initially I had Googled for its actual script, but no help. I thought to pen down it myself, here is a song I reverse engineered.

I enjoyed the activity. Written in Telugu after long time. Feels like I had talk to my mother.

Anyone knew graphology? Hhh... I don't believe in nonsense, a lifetime won't be enough to estimate a person.

14 July, 2013

New Book - The New Age Entrepreneurs

I read books like a book-freak. Its been long time that I read a book in full length. It is time now.

Recently on the way back from bus station to drop my mom, I bought a new book "The New Age Entrepreneurs". It is collection of 30 entrepreneurs, including Accel Frontline, Galla Ramachandra Naidu (Amararaja Batteries), Mu Sigma, Opto Circuits, etc... I watch stock market and startup companies closely, so I knew many of these entrepreneurs.

If you are keen on entrepreneurship in future or present, it certainly inspires you. It worth to spend 200 bucks.

10 January, 2013

Vastu and family

I am constructing a house near my native place, Vijayawada (geographically center to Andhra). This morning my friend mailed me to reply what sort of Vastu I am following during house construction?

Here is my reply.

What is your opinion? It only matters to me whether I (includes my circle) am happy or not in what I do? Let us stay away from stereotypes.

10 September, 2012

Verghese Kurien - End of an era in milk revolution

Swiss considered to be best in the world when it comes to milk products. But, Dr. Kurien demonstrated power of co-operative societies, and created world class milk products under the brand name "Amul".

Born in Kerala, excelled in Gujarath for his expertise in agricultural and veterinary science.

Unfortunately, he passed away on 9-9-11. Read his biography in the book, "I too had a Dream".

16 August, 2012

Wockhardt - A raising star

It was in 2009, Wockhardt, a generic drug maker was almost declared NPA after defaulting $110 million. Fortunately the lenders obeyed for corporate debt restructuring (CDR), and now it turned a success story. I still remembered Wockhardt scared to bid IPO due to then market conditions.

Now it is a turn around story, paid all it's debts, and making huge profits. I have seen their pride ad in ET Wealth. The share was as low as Rs.67/- during March 2009 (down trend), and today it hit all time highest of Rs.1240/-, an 18 fold raise, and I don't see it has hit it's saturation.

News feference: http://goo.gl/Q2iyo

See charts here.

16 June, 2012

Bus Accident

16 - June - 2012
It was frightening and disgusting news that over 30 people were killed in a private bus accident in Maharastra. The bus appearetly heading to Shiridi, a devotional place. Even more heart breaking news was that seven of these are from same family, 14 are from TCS Secunderabad campus, a kid left alone and her parents could not able to escape the misfortune.
Why people don’t realize when it is not safe to opt private travelers. Horrifying, these buses catch more than 160 to 200 km/hr on highways (I have seen many times that APSRTC Garuda service itself was travelled at 160 km/hr). May be this speed is nothing for western countries. In India, it is far above the limit.
More over, does a person need to travel such long distance for so called “moksham”? It will be even more encouraging to go for a trip with family, build more intimacy among family members and explore the world. Above all, life is set of great memories and contentment. I don’t see why people head for such long distance historical places, and feel that they have achieved something. Not even sure, what king of satisfaction do they get when they look at the God just for couple of minutes and struggling for water, food, accommodation, many more to experience. I mean, it is more reasonable to go for family trip in your near town than visiting these devotional places.

20 March, 2012

My Name First Time on a News Magazine

Thrilling to see my name on a financial news magazine !!!
It is Economic Times Wealth magazine, in which I have suggested a solution to weekly wizard. A person of 40 year old was in dilemma whether to buy a property or not. Seeking reader's suggestions, I too sent my opinion via mail.
Surprisingly, mine was best suggestion. For details, read ET Wealth magazine of the week March 19-25, 2012. My suggestion appears as VR SANAKA, the winner. Bingo !!!

27 February, 2012

Wealth Management Talk at Nokia

Recently (24th, Feb 2012), our HR organized one hour session on wealth management by Ferdinand Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd. The session was useful for beginners. I expected to know available investment channels. The session ended more-or-less question hour.
The presenter Sharath having bundle of knowledge. However, he was not successful in meeting the objective. We were not able to walk though all of the slides, nor it is organised. I learnt lesson on how to be away from deviations due to some question. The problem with audience was every one aware of investment options, and bought different investment products. Most of the session time went to into argument of “who is correct”. Constructive discussion really helps than arguments.
Surprisingly, he mentioned there are only four financial planners in Bangalore who dedicated their career to personal finance (an opportunity for would be CFP??). Manish Chouhan is one the name mentioned by him. Few of employees in my cab are getting guidance by Sharath. Their feedback was good.
Thanks to Sharath for the session. Hope the criticism helps him in next session.

14 February, 2012

New book - Jago Investor

I read a new book titled "Jago Investor" (Jago - Hindi equivalent to 'weak up'). It is nice book capturing personal finance in precise articles. Even though I am following few of the principles in the book, it is an eye opener in many aspects. Especially, it makes you to question yourself "What is the target of every rupee that you are spending" prior to actually spending.

After reading the book, don't fall into the jargon of just saving, contented life and personal commitments are also equally important. Defining targets will balance personal life and savings.

Good book, and recommended for the people who started their career recently. It is available on Flipkart.