14 February, 2012

New book - Jago Investor

I read a new book titled "Jago Investor" (Jago - Hindi equivalent to 'weak up'). It is nice book capturing personal finance in precise articles. Even though I am following few of the principles in the book, it is an eye opener in many aspects. Especially, it makes you to question yourself "What is the target of every rupee that you are spending" prior to actually spending.

After reading the book, don't fall into the jargon of just saving, contented life and personal commitments are also equally important. Defining targets will balance personal life and savings.

Good book, and recommended for the people who started their career recently. It is available on Flipkart.


Manish Chauhan said...

Thanks for a quick review and mention :) .. really appreciate it :)

Venkata Ramana Sanaka said...

Hey Manish, thanks for the comment. Ofcourse, I have provided my review on Flipkart as well under the name Venkateswara Rao Sanaka.

Hope you visited few of the posts on my blog, and might felt pity about the article on Jeevan Anand. It was my past thinking, so wish to retain the article "as it is" with some update. For new investors I won't suggest JA.

gansai said...

hi. typo: jago means: wake up not weak up