27 February, 2012

Wealth Management Talk at Nokia

Recently (24th, Feb 2012), our HR organized one hour session on wealth management by Ferdinand Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd. The session was useful for beginners. I expected to know available investment channels. The session ended more-or-less question hour.
The presenter Sharath having bundle of knowledge. However, he was not successful in meeting the objective. We were not able to walk though all of the slides, nor it is organised. I learnt lesson on how to be away from deviations due to some question. The problem with audience was every one aware of investment options, and bought different investment products. Most of the session time went to into argument of “who is correct”. Constructive discussion really helps than arguments.
Surprisingly, he mentioned there are only four financial planners in Bangalore who dedicated their career to personal finance (an opportunity for would be CFP??). Manish Chouhan is one the name mentioned by him. Few of employees in my cab are getting guidance by Sharath. Their feedback was good.
Thanks to Sharath for the session. Hope the criticism helps him in next session.

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