16 November, 2013

Interesting observations on Flipkart site

Flipkart is one of the early startup which leveraged growing Indian e-commerce business. The full potential of Indian e-commerce is yet to be seen.

Apart from business aspect, I also keep an eye on Flipkart's technical expertise. Occasionally I do see some silly bugs. Two of them here.

1. Poor search box functionality.

P.S. I have mailed about this issue to them about ten months ago with pictures. Interestingly I got reply that they are unable to reproduce it. Perhaps a nontechnical person from customer service might have replied. He instructed me to clear the cache and delete temp files. Typical or default suggestion by every CS person these days :P

Here is the way to reproduce the issue. I want to search the phrase "C++ boost". Initially I have typed "boost" in the text box ...

Now I realized that I have to type "C++" preceding "boost". I have to move the cursor to beginning of the text box to save my boost word (Command+left key or Ctrl+left key).

I want to add "C++", eventually after I type "C", the cursor goes to the end of text box. It is unlikely that we watch what we type, being confident on typing skills. See what would have happened...

This is what results looks like ... surprised what I would have typed :)

2. Recent observation

Somehow a long strip is covering some of the items on the page when I scroll it up.

Hope it is helpful to Flipkart to fix these issues. Ofcourse, they may not cause any harm.

Being a SW engineer I wish my software to be DoD compliant in every aspect.


Prahlad Yeri said...

Nice bug finding! I guess they have fixed it by now. It returned a result page for some books when I typed "C++", but it still doesn't show up while typing in the textbox.

Anonymous said...

No they haven't fixed it yet...

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