22 July, 2013

Writing in Tulugu (తెలుగు) after long time - enjoyed writing a song from voice

I studied in Telugu (తెలుగు) medium during childhood till 10th. May be that was the reason behind reading lot of Telugu writings even today.

But what I am missing is writing in Telugu script. It is about ten years that I had written in Telugu. I thought whether my pen could move faster as it was. Alas, yes, it is. I am happy. Initially it was little troublesome, but I am used to.

I got bored of reverse engineering the server (Nginx and Ribs2) code. Thought to listen to songs. When I was playing Adda songs, lyrics of one song was very meaningful and melodic. It was written by Anatha Sriram. As usual, initially I had Googled for its actual script, but no help. I thought to pen down it myself, here is a song I reverse engineered.

I enjoyed the activity. Written in Telugu after long time. Feels like I had talk to my mother.

Anyone knew graphology? Hhh... I don't believe in nonsense, a lifetime won't be enough to estimate a person.


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sir telugu speed ga rasetapudu hand writing mari pothundhi ala kakunda exams lo fast ga good hand writing rayalante ela sir

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