16 June, 2012

Bus Accident

16 - June - 2012
It was frightening and disgusting news that over 30 people were killed in a private bus accident in Maharastra. The bus appearetly heading to Shiridi, a devotional place. Even more heart breaking news was that seven of these are from same family, 14 are from TCS Secunderabad campus, a kid left alone and her parents could not able to escape the misfortune.
Why people don’t realize when it is not safe to opt private travelers. Horrifying, these buses catch more than 160 to 200 km/hr on highways (I have seen many times that APSRTC Garuda service itself was travelled at 160 km/hr). May be this speed is nothing for western countries. In India, it is far above the limit.
More over, does a person need to travel such long distance for so called “moksham”? It will be even more encouraging to go for a trip with family, build more intimacy among family members and explore the world. Above all, life is set of great memories and contentment. I don’t see why people head for such long distance historical places, and feel that they have achieved something. Not even sure, what king of satisfaction do they get when they look at the God just for couple of minutes and struggling for water, food, accommodation, many more to experience. I mean, it is more reasonable to go for family trip in your near town than visiting these devotional places.

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