31 January, 2010

Think 0÷0 =?

One day a teacher was explaining about basic mathematics to his pupils. He posed the following question,

"I have 25 apples with me, and you are all total of 25 children. So, if I distribute them, how many apples will each have got"?

The children shouted in chorus "one apple each".

A smart boy erected up, and question the teacher "there are no children in the class and you don't have any apples, even then would we able to get one apple each"?

The teacher was puzzled for a while. Then the teacher said 'I don't know my boy'.

The student intent was, when 1÷1 = 1, 2÷2 = 1, so on... will 0÷0 equals to 1? And later the student proved that 0÷0 is NOT equal to 1.

The student was none other than SRINIVAS RAMANUJAN, a mathematical genius till now world had. Unfortunately our land lost him at early age.

If possible read the book THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY.

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