31 July, 2010

A Sound Mind in A Sound Body

31st, July, 2010

Health is wealth (ఆరోగ్యమే (aarOgyamae) మహభాగ్యం (mahabhaagyam)), we read this during childhood. But how many of us care it?
I heard three stories among the people whom I am aware. All three were suffered from kidney deceases due to lack of sufficient intake of water. These three people are working as software engineers. Is it really required to sacrifice health under the name of advanced development (so called digital revolution engineers)? No one can replace ‘peace of mind’ and good health, most of us won’t recognize their importance till they become irreversible.
Take plenty of pure water… drink atleast 0.5 liter water every morning. I habituated this almost from past 10 years. First time it will be difficult to take water on fasting. Once habituated it will be a vain (addiction). Ensure to consume 2 liter of water during work time. Daily small workout keeps us active and healthy. More over we have to be away from junk food (self control).

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