07 September, 2010

Arts and distraction

7th September, 2010
These days most of the commercial TV channels are telecasting dance, music related programs with hype. It is unfortunate to see kids also brought into the programs. Of-course dance also an art, but should be not life. We can see some dancer’s statements “I born for dance”, “dance is my life”… bla… bla… Nothing wrong if you “enjoy” in dancing, but it should not cause disturbance in other activities during childhood.
When HRC ordered “no children to be performed in the dance programs”, most of the parents were reluctant. May be the kind of “charishma” attracting them. But how many of these artists are really leading the life the way they want?
Education is mandatory for every kid. Arts also important, that doesn’t mean education can be neglected while learning arts. Only future can answer these persons.
Just see following links for “what I mean by perfection in art”.

After above thought ignited, I removed my TV connection, and scolded by my mother :). Because she was addicted to serials, and I was addicted to "Dhee" dance program.

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