07 October, 2010

Knowledge is Power

Is knowledge a power? Yes, definitely. But when?

Gaining knowledge is power, only when we utilize it. We can see many people will opt for different kinds of degree, because they sound well. The sequence will be like, Degree, PG, Ph.D ... so on, and finally will land up completely irrelevant work domain.

Perhaps software industry is multi disciplinary oriented due to needs of computing every where. We should opt career by choice, not by chance. After all, we spend half a life in work, ensure it is compelling by passion than need.

Some one said, "I want to know what I want when I want it", and a personality development trainer did some research and concluded that "most successful people knows what they want when they want, they are clear on the ways to reach their goals". It not only fill their monetary requirements, above all they are contented.

Be contented in want you are doing.

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