19 November, 2010

Be Clear on What you are Doing

19, November 2010
I come across an inspiring story. Few people dare to achieve. They are clear on what they are doing. We need not to consider the useless critics. He is from my college (Andhra Polytechnique). Details can be found on the following links.
Most of software people hate the work they are doing. But the following guy (Purna) foresee the future in his work, and above it, he acted upon. I am happy that many of my friends are becoming entrepreneurs. It is what Prof. Kalam is expecting from the present generation.

The MBA who quit his job to earn $100,000 doing Excel blogging.


Tanmay Chakrabarty said...

Did not read the full post but its always nice to read such articles. Its good to know about chandoo. Inspiring article. I found you there at geeksforgeeks and then from their to linkedin and from there to here. Its always nice to me when I see professionals.

Who am I, noone, nothing.

I am just a student. I views in life is to learn and I also have blog where I share things related to study and sometimes whatever comes out from the fingers.

However, I wish to be a Software engineer. I read blogs when I get tired/bored on my regular things. Following you, will look for interesting posts.

Venki said...

Dude @Tanmay, thanks for your comment. I miss the comment as I didn't update my settings to get alert on comments.

Yeah, I too read other's blogs. I leart to be precise after reading few blogs. But the current post is copy from news feed, so it is long.