20 August, 2010

Am I right?

20th, August 2010

Am I right?
Yes, because why I am. If I know that I am wrong, I would have corrected myself. I will not know that I am wrong till I know I am wrong. Confusing, infact I too!
Every one of us thinks that we are correct. We won’t know we have to change till we change (‘we’ – I mean ‘our thoughts’). Let us take an example. Say, two people are arguing, they will continue till one wins (note that discussion is different from argument). They will realize they won the argument and lost everything when they realized. Unfortunately, we can see these arguments between a couple and mostly the male wins (I have seen such quarrels in my village). If we can think from other’s perspective the argument would turn into discussion, and above all, both will be contented.
What ever we might have thought 10 years ago, may not be seems to be correct now. So, if it takes 10 long years for small change, what extent we live our ‘unique life’. World is moving much faster than us. I believe no one perfect in this nature, time will answer all. Think before preaching a word. It may spoil our great value in other’s opinion, especially when talking with dears.
Every person has self respect, recognize it. Thanks to my brother.

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