26 January, 2011

నా ఇష్టం - An autobiography

26, Jan, 2011
Recently I traveled to home town and during journey finished a book "నా ఇష్టం", an autobiography of RGV, a famous director.
It happed to see the book in stands, and unintentionally pick the copy, glanced at the contents and read his mother article. Later paid the money to own the book.
Earlier, some how I don't have soft corner at him. After reading the book, I felt better to stick to my previous  opinion. Because I like, hate him. అది నా ఇష్టం.
It is not easy to accept his thought process, because it is truth, and we are reluctant to accept it. After reading his mother article, I decided to watch his movies (last watch of his movie, I guess అనగనగా ఒక రోజు).
All the best Ram ji, you are special. I learned few things from you. Thanks for the book.

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