20 February, 2011

What makes us different?

20th, February 2011
What makes us different? I believe in that every person is unique, and smart enough. What makes them different or unique!
Our passion makes us unique. The passion in doing contended work makes us different. Whatever may be the profession, if the person is passionate in doing it, that can bring the difference. Let, others think whatever they want, it doesn't matter, it is just their opinion, neither need to be correct. If we (we - I mean the person and the people closely connected to him, probably the circle is limited) are happy, we need not concern at others comments.
An example Sudarsan Pattnaik is an expert (perhaps the first person) in sculpting images on sand. He is now well know due to his art, even though financially not much worth. Passion driving him?
Another example is Naveen Kumar, a flute player. There are many classical tunes from him flute. The one (Fluid song) from Maya's Lounge is my favorite. Ofcourse there are many excellent tunes, especially from Rahman's direction. Passion or enjoyment in playing flute?
Fame is one side of the coin. If it happens to see any musical presentations, see the kind of enjoyment that the artist is experiencing. I am jealous in this sense. Devi Sri prasad's violin play also very inspiring.
Sachin is another best example, in enjoying the work what he is doing. One must see the professional play that he played against Pakistan in world cup 2003. Every shot he played was a master piece, and more over, he enjoyed them, we can see that in his body language.
Thanks to my parents, for putting me up with complete freedom.

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