12 April, 2011

శ్రీరామనవమి - A wonderful day to celebrate at my village

April 12, 2011
Today is Sreeramanavami, the wedding anniversary of lord Sita-RamaIn childhood, it was very exciting to celebrate this day, as we (all the villagers) go to bath in river Krisha along with lord Sita-Rama statue. Everyone prises the way Sita-Rama lived on the Earth.
The other side of the coin.
Do you think Ravana is such a bad person? How many of us aware, Rama sent Lakshmana to Ravana at his last minute of life, to learn ethical values. The only draw back of Ravana was lack of self control, week at woman. Otherwise he should be on the top of all the gods.
Was Sita really happy all over her life?
As far as I know, Smt. Sita was the only one women who had worst struggle. She hardly spend time with Rama except during those 14 years. But, we praise their life, we adopt them as best couple. Certainly, they are best couple (I too believe in that fact), as per social limitations about 4 lack years ago.
I am not criticizing the way Rama lead life, nor, accepting him as he preached. One can learn a lot from his life. Change is inevitable , we follow the same customs built thousands of years ago. And reluctant to accept change. ఎందుకంటె అదంతే, ("why because it was like that").
See the five monkey's experiment about human psychology.
However Ramayana and Mahabharatha are the best ethics in the world. It is upto the human to understand them and adopt.

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