26 April, 2011

A Response to "Dumb World" - "stupid minds"

My friend Rajesh recently posted on "Dumb World". I don't think world is that much dumb, it is even smarter than what we think. My comments are here and here.
Seer and Babas: Every coin will have head and tail, unless manipulated, so is Baba. What ever he preached, adopt only that suits your personality. "Love your parents", "Spread your love to co-human", and many more nice words were preached by him. The same thing also said multiple times by Kalam and others, but why they don’t get such attention?
I also remembered some strange statements, "today I will appear in moon", "I will re-born on so and so date", "Because god exists, there are two opinions of god, otherwise everyone would say no-god"… what a logical conclusion. For a mathematician, it is 50-50 probability on existence of god, but for a devotee only the first 50% will appear, their mind won’t be in a position to think about other 50%.
I don’t believe in reincarnation. Let us leave that topic to novel writers, and other seers.
A Story of Street Child: Dr. Manihara
In few cities, it is easy to gather street children, and forming groups among them. These kids forming groups like chain batch, blade batch, some bla – bla batch… and involving in illegal activities. If no one cares at them, the society would see turning all these into professional gangs.
But there are kind enough people.
How many of us aware of non-profit organization "Sri Krishna Chaitanya Vidyavihara (SKCV) Children’s Trust"? The story behind SKCV is inspiring.
SKCV was formed by a person called Matthew William who was born in 1953, Manchester in England. Mathew himself was a runaway child and had experienced the pain and anguish of being left uncared on streets for many years.
Some how, Mathew had great opinion at Indian culture. In worst conditions, he reached India and managed to get citizenship. He felt lament nights after looking at these street children. SKCV was started to protect these orphan (sorry for the word orphan, no one is orphan in this world) children. Later he changed his name to "Manihara" and married an Indian woman.
Unfortunately he passed away in 2009 due to osteoporosis. Still SKCV activities are going on well. If any one willing to visit SKCV, see their website.
Now, do you think Dr. Manihara is any way less than Babas? Why people failed to recognize Manihara, who acted upon than simply preaching? My thought is that many of us needs some emotional dependency, and even don't dare to think against the word God.
Common man requires some kind of dependency on others, let it be Baba, God, or even Mother. We won’t recognize parent’s value, because they are nearer to us, and they may not be as good as Babas in talking power. If we observe, those at celebrity level, political level, and many more are the sincere devotees of these Babas. Even Dr. Kalam allocated one chapter in his "Wings of Fire" as "Learning from Seers". Nothing wrong in adopting good values, who ever preach them.
I am against to "వ్యక్తి పూజ" (prising a person spiritually). I don’t encourage any emotional dependency, let it be on God or Seers. It is my opinion, your opinion might be different. Opinions won’t change due to arguments. Adopt what you like and what makes you happy should be our policy.
The Gift to Baba:
Dear "Baba" we will all missing you, but not what you preached. Adopting and practicing what ever wellness you taught to society is the best gift that we can give it to you.
(Y)our thinking is our path, shape it well.


Rajesh said...

"Dumd World" is the category in my blog where I post most of the things I consider stupid.

Thanks for your comments. Some how I missed your blog till now.

Venki said...

Now title updated :).