01 May, 2011

Ooops - Finally on to Facebook :)

1 - May - 2011
I was reluctant to Facebook and kind of social networking. Recently I read a post on Gulli blog that facebook is uniquely depending on open source software. I read few articles on http://www.facebook.com/Engineering and decided to have an account. It also helping in keeping track of my friends. It is interesting to note that Facebook depending on Bing results of Internet search. Thank you, Facebook.
It is fun to know the data center design of Facebook. Handling such large amounts of data, really amazing. Earlier I was very impressive with the thought of Twitter, which stem from struggle some situation of a company. Twitter's fast way of news propagation was attracted me to have an account. I was also impressed by the technology behind Twitter (Scala, Lift and Hadoop), a team of just 150 people created all.
Friends ? shake your hand on http://www.facebook.com/ramanawithu.

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